Lesson Price (p/h)
Full Lesson £28.00
Eco Driving Lesson £28.00
Block Booking (10 Lessons, due In Advance) £27.00
Taxi Training £35.00

Courses - due In Advance Price
Refresher Course - 6 Hours £180.00
Advance Driver Training Course £290.00
Motorway Training Course - 3 Hours £105.00
Pass Plus Course - 6 Hours £210.00

Terms and Conditions

Cancellations 48 hours notice is required for cancellation.  Otherwise the full fee will be payable unless a doctors certificate can be produced.
Be fit to drive You must be fit to drive. You should be at least 12 hours free from alcohol and the use of either prescribed or non-prescribed drugs will affect your driving. Drugs can remain in your system for 72 hours. If your instructor thinks you are un-fit to drive the lesson will be cancelled at your expense.
Traffic delay Every effort is made to be prompt, but this is not always possible because of occasional traffic delays. Please allow 10 minutes leeway.
One to One Your tuition will be on a one to one basis (no other pupils in car unless requested). You will receive full one hour lessons.
Use of the Simply Drive vehicle We reserve the right to withdraw the use of our car for tests without notice should the instructor decide that the pupil is not up to test standard.  All vehicle lights will be checked prior to the start of all tests in the presence of the student.  We cannot compensate for driving test cancellations due to light failures during the test, nor can we compensate for driving tests postponed by the Driving Standards Agency for any other reason.
Be responsible We cannot accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage arising from your lesson (although we'll do our best to avoid that situation occuring!)
The weather We cannot predict the weather. If it is too severe to take a lesson we will let you know. Only the instructor may decide if the lesson is postponed or cancelled due to weather. If you decide to cancel at the last minute due to weather and our instructors say the conditions are fine, the lesson will be chargeable.
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